For those of you who have never spent Christmas or new year by the beach you are really missing a treat. We have, over the last 15 years, spent one or the other by the coast.

This year, we had the nearly the whole family over. My father in law came down with my brother and sister in law and my niece. My sister lives just down the road with her family, and she had some friends visiting from Australia. In total we had 16 for Christmas dinner.

I went down to Cornwall a few days before the rest of the family to prepare the house and get organised. As I work with my sister in my other business, we also had our works Christmas do, which involved getting manicures and drinking a few glasses of wine!

The tree was up and decorated (with the help of my eldest niece) and all of the beds where made up ready to receive visitors. Even though our house is fairly large, accommodating 10 people can have it’s issues. Usually where can I store the wine or beer! Don’t worry we have this covered, we have an extra fridge and freezer in the garage for such emergencies.

Daily walks along the beach, clear away any cobwebs. This time of year can be beautiful sunshine but there is usually a bit of a breeze! There are lots of local walks, and many not too far away if you are looking for something a bit more invigorating than a stroll along the beach.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve for us is a fish meal usually cooked by my husband Dave (there is a fantastic wet fish shop attached to the local store by The Beach House, lots of local fresh fish) followed by sweet treats made by my sister in law. All followed by a few glasses of wine and a Christmas movie.

My children are older now and like to stay up with us, so Christmas morning usually gets off to a slow start. With such a large family breakfast and presents take up most of the morning, before we rush off to watch the Christmas Day swim on Widemouth Beach. Many brave souls, often in just swimming costumes rather than wetsuits, running into the sea to raise money for charity.

beach swim

As the day starts to disappear, it’s back to the house it get the dinner on. Cooking for 16 is a challenge for any kitchen, so my sister helps out and brings over some of the dishes and as we don’t go for traditional turkey, the beef gets barbecued!

We squeeze around the table and every chair in the house is used. Christmas wishes are passed and dinner gets eaten, way more quickly than it took to cook! Slowly the children drift off to play games and watch TV and the big event is over for another year.

We have just one more day before we have to prepare the house for the visitors coming in for New Year and their celebrations!

Christmas and New Year are popular times in the holiday letting calendar. Christmas for 2020 was booked by the first week of the year. If you are interested in staying, give us a call to discuss availability on 07980 497026.